On beauty.

To talk about beauty is to talk about all the little and big things that make your life. Every day of your life is beautiful, no matter how sad you are, how painful it must be, how big of a tragedy you’ve been through. It is still beautiful because it’s life. And even sad things are beautiful. Without sadness we would never know how to value happiness. Every word you say, every thought you have is beautiful. It means you are alive, and breathing, and perhaps waiting for that happiness to come along. There is beauty in everything, if you’re only observant enough to notice and appreciate it.

From time to time, you will be hurt. You will feel like everything is ending, you will not see a way out. And yet, every single time you manage to overcome that with a lifetime lesson. Isn’t that beautiful? We fall so low, thinking we will never rise again, and each time we rise even higher than we were before. We rise wiser from every obstacle we face. Sometimes we make some bad choices, get into a place from which it is next to impossible to get out of. And yet, we find the strength in us to leave the past behind and move forward. To begin the life anew. How beautiful is that? Every day is a new day to start over.

To talk about beauty is to talk about a person. It is my strong belief that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you tell someone they are beautiful, you don’t just mean the way they look. It is their light which shines all around them. It is every single thing about their character. In my opinion, only when you know a person, and feel a person, is when you can tell them they’re beautiful and really mean it. Because to tell someone they are beautiful is to see all of them. When someone I love tells me I’m beautiful, it has the same meaning to me as if they told me they loved me. Because when you love someone, when you see them you see everything you love about them. And they become the most beautiful people to you. Not many will see that beauty, and that beauty is not for everyone to see.

Go outside. Smell the air. Look at trees. Look at birds. Look at the sky. Look at people. And feel the beauty which surrounds you. Beauty is in the smallest things. When you hear a loved one’s voice and feel that happiness inside you. That is beautiful. When you look at someone’s eyes and see your whole world. That is beautiful.

Life truly is beautiful. If you are in pain right now, I am very sorry you have to feel that, but think how strong you will become. If you are in love, I am so happy for you, and enjoy every moment of it without thinking too far ahead. Enjoy every person in your life while you still have them. Because life is beautiful, and do not let a moment of beauty pass you by.


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