On time.

The biggest lie we tell to ourselves is that there’s plenty of time to live. Why rush, why be reckless, why try now, when you can do all those things in days, months, years to come. And we postpone it. Day after day. Until we have no time left, and life has passed us by. No matter who I asked what was the biggest regret in their lives, the answer was the same. Not doing things when it was time to do them. At one point it became too late. We are all aware of this, but still keep lying to ourselves and letting time slip by. When I look ahead, thinking about all the years that are coming, I think to myself that I have all the time of the world to do the things I want. But when I look back, I realize how fast it has passed me by, and I still didn’t start doing those things. To be honest, I’m nowhere near starting. Because I keep postponing. And some opportunities have already passed me by.

In my opinion, one should live a life as if they were to die tomorrow, but plan a life as if they were to live forever. This makes for a full life, a happy life. Not letting yourself regret things because you thought you had time. Days of your life aren’t supposed to follow a pattern. Some days will look a lot alike, but never make them just a part of a pattern. All the things that you keep telling yourself there is plenty of time for, start doing them. Now. Don’t wait for some tomorrow to come, ’cause it may never come. Yes, you have to pay the bills, provide food and have a home, and a family. But why make it so simple? If you find your job dull and unfulfilling, find a hobby or something on the side that will give you joy. If what you’re studying at college isn’t something you really love, find time on the side for the things you love. Maybe those things will never pay the bills, but your free time will be well spent. Do all those things you always wanted to. If you want to backpack through Europe, start making plans to really do it. Don’t leave it on empty words and never lived dreams.

If you love someone, but think you’ll have time to say it to them, or that feeling will pass, tell them now. If you miss someone, tell them. Apologize to those who you think you’ve hurt. Pick up that phone and forget your pride. Forget the reasons you keep telling yourself, because tomorrow may never come. You live in this very moment. Maybe it is too late to say those things – but you won’t know if you don’t try. And believe me, you will regret not trying. You will keep wondering what if. Don’t let the what ifs run your life, don’t leave space in your head for not even one what if. Everything might be messy and uncertain, and scary as hell. There might be so many problems that you can’t even count. Maybe you think you’re not ready. But in a couple of years, you won’t remember the problems, you won’t remember thinking you weren’t ready. You’ll remember you didn’t do it. And you will regret it.

Stop living off regrets. Stop living in the past. Stop living in the future. Live in this moment. Only this one counts.


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