On bravery.

Concept of bravery is not easily explained. It is very complex, and it comes in different forms. Your actions can be brave, but so can your opinions and your thoughts. Bravery and courage are defined by Oxford dictionary as the ability to do something that frightens one.

One can be brave when handling big decisions, but a coward when handling day-to-day life. And vice versa. The way I see it, no one is born brave. It is something you learn along the way, if you learn. Maybe you never learn to be brave in every aspect of your life, but you learn in some. Some people are lucky enough to become brave while young, and some never do. Some people remain cowards their whole life. We might call someone’s actions brave, but they are not if that person didn’t get scared doing it and still did it. In my opinion, you cannot say if someone is brave unless you really know that person. All their hopes and dreams, things that scare them, things that keep them awake at night. Only then can you say if they are being brave. It is an individual thing, actually. Only you know of all your struggles, and only you know how you handle them. So defining someone as brave is not something you can easily do, it carries a big weight.

There are many kinds of bravery. I haven’t met anyone who is brave in every aspect of life. We all have a bit of a coward in us. Some people struggle with their relationship with parents, always trying to satisfy them until they’ve had enough. And they decide to pursue their dreams. I find that extremely brave, because you love your parents immensely, and it’s hard thinking for a second you’ll disappoint them. Other people struggle with social skills, and open up very slowly or not at all. I find it brave when those people give it all they have to befriend that one person who catches their interest. And then there are those who are a vast majority. Those who are afraid of opening up their hearts and their souls. Those who push away people, and never even give them a chance to be a part of their lives.

There are no rules through which you become brave, and you overcome your fears. You will never overcome your fears, it will always be hard, but over time it will less and less so. Until going against yourself because you know it’s the right thing to do doesn’t become a routine, something you choose to do daily. But you have to want what is on the other side with every inch of your being. Otherwise everything you do will only be a half-effort. And it won’t be bravery. For these things you are never ready, so if you’re lying to yourself that you let go of something in your life because you weren’t ready, stop. We all are the way we are, flaws and all. But never accept that that is all you have to give. It is not. The moment you decide to fight for something despite it scares you and gives you the ache in your stomach because it isn’t coming naturally to you, you become brave. And over time, you admire yourself for fighting your natural instinct for which you know is just running away.

My advice for all of you, and for myself, is to fight for the things you want in your life. Fight for the life you want to have. Picture it. Save that image in your head. And remind yourself everyday of it. And when it seems all your efforts are meaningless, that’s when you have to fight even harder. Work on yourself daily. And become brave. No one can put you down and make you feel inadequate when you know what road you’ve walked to get where you are. Bravery is not something you show to the world, it is something you only have to show to yourself.


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