On perfect moments.

From time to time, there comes this one moment. Again in your life this moment appears, and everything else just disappears. You don’t feel anything, yet you feel everything. Somehow, you don’t exist. You feel like dust floating around, so small, so meaningless, yet so powerful. Both sadness and happiness vanish. Your soul is finally at peace. All the sorrows of this world go away. All the smiles turn into something much more beautiful. They turn into tranquility. Sadness and happiness lose meaning in this moment. Because, in order to feel these things there has to be something on your shoulders, but there is nothing. Nothing around you makes sense, you don’t make sense. And yet, everything makes perfect sense. No words are necessary, ’cause no words can explain this thing you’re feeling. So they stop existing, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul. Complete silence.

In this perfect moment, all colors are suddenly radiant, and sound of your heartbeat is so clear. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But life is so much more magical than any fairy tale, it’s real. You feel it, inside you, with every inch of your being. If you just listen to what your heart is telling you.

Neither past nor future matter, it all seems so far away. But present matters the least. That one moment in which you don’t exist, but you feel alive. Maybe it’s the moment of perfect insanity. But it’s definitely the moment of perfect bliss. Hope dies, but so does the fear. You are just you. No masks, no need to hide. These are the moments worth living for.

If you feel like this when with a person, don’t ever let that person go. If you feel like this when you’re doing something you love, never stop doing it. Because quality of life is measured in these perfect moments. In moments of complete peace, you exist the most.


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