On being normal.

The other night I was taking a walk, with my headphones on. As I was enjoying the beautiful cold night, with some of my favorite songs playing on my headphones, I started mouthing the words to the song which was on. Slowly, I realized there were a lot of people around me, who were looking at me strangely. So I stopped. But then I started wondering, why did I stop? They will never see me again, and even if they do they still will have no idea who I am, and won’t even remember me. So why did I stop mouthing the words to one of my favorite songs because of some strangers, and took away this tiny satisfaction from myself?

We live in a world where terms of normal and appropriate have been predefined. And we just blindly follow it, without stopping for a second to think: is this who I am? 

Every face you see in the street has a different story, different background, and a different personality. So, by definition, each one of us has their own normal self that’s different from everyone else’s. Why then is a normal and appropriate behavior one standard? We’ve become copies of one another, sharing same thoughts and ideas, not wanting to not fit into the picture of “normal”. We’re only allowing ourselves to be us when we’re alone in the dark, or with very special people who are just as insane as we are. For the rest of the world we take the image of everyone else in it. Look around you. Approach every person you see. Ask them the same question. It doesn’t matter what it is, just ask them the same basic question regarding day-to-day life, and then see how much do the answers vary. Being normal is, in my opinion, boring. You spend your whole days being like everyone else, when you can be you. And you are beautiful just the way you are. Some people won’t think you’re beautiful, some won’t understand you. But you weren’t born to be liked, you were born to be loved and appreciated for who you are. All your quirks and flaws. Act on a whim. Even if it is stupid and meaningless, do whatever you feel like doing. Do what will make you feel free and alive. You only have one life to live, so live it as you. Not as everyone else. You are special just the way you are, and you will find acceptance and love only if you learn to love and accept yourself. Show the world all of you. If you feel like telling a random stranger they made your day with their smile, say it. If you feel like walking in the middle of the night, walk. If you feel like trying everything off the menu in one go, try. World is your stage, so take the lead role.

And you know what? The next time I want to mouth the words to a song, I will. And I will even go one step further – I’ll start dancing in the middle of the street.


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